Herbs Vision Pro

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Herbs Vision Pro

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Product Description


Protect Eyes
The human eye is a complicated organ which has over 700,000 cells to distinguish images, and handle more than 600 images every minute. As people getting old, degeneration and diseases of eye may appear. In addition, the poor working environment and air pollution make the problem worse. In recent years, more and more young people being affected by eye diseases, so eye protection is important to us.

Herbs Vision Pro (Perfect Eye Protection Formula)
Manufacturing from Australia, Herbs Vision Pro is a unique formula contains Bilberry extract, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, DHA and EPA, which synergistically provide an ultimate eye protection effect.

Herbs Vision Pro contains 1000mg Bilberry which is rich in active Anthocyanins (VMA). Bilberry is a natural anti-oxidant that can improve the blood circulation of eye capillaries and transport the nutrients and oxygen to eye cells. Besides, Lutein and Zeaxnthin protect the macula lutea area against harmful UV rays. In addition, the unsaturated fatty acid DHA & EPA can promote the central nervous system, and delay the eyesight deterioration. Together with the Grapeseed extract and Eyebright, the natural lubricant, it can relieve eye tiredness, dryness and itching. Herbs Vision Pro brings the best protection to eyes.

Various eye situation and affected people:

Blurred, dimmed, limited vision

-People who need high concentration (watchmaker, student, clerk, driver etc.)

-People who work outdoor and frequently expose to strong light (photographer, welder etc.)
1000mg Bilberry (100:1) with VMA

-Natural anti-oxidant

-Enhance blood circulation of eye capillaries

-Relieve eye tiredness

-Suppress enzyme which harm eye cells

-Improve night vision
Distorted vision, floater, shadow, sensitive to light, cloudy vision

-People who work outdoor (constructer, salesman etc.)

-People who always work with computer, and expose to sunlight (driver, programmer, clerk etc.)
Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Lycopene

-Protect the macula lutea area

-Provide oxygen to eye cells

-Protect against harmful UV Rays
Poor concentration, weak memory

-Night-shift driver


-Promote the central nervous system of brain

-Prevent retinal diseases
Extra nutrients needed for eye development

-Pregnant and breast-feed women
Eye itching, bloodshot, inflammation
-People who always wear contact lens

-People who work outdoor or in polluted area (smoker, chef, swimmer etc.)

-Improve blood purification

-Prevent eye fatigue and inflammation
Eye tiredness, dryness, and excess tears
-People who always wear contact lens, work overnight, stay in air-conditioning area

-People who need high concentration (driver, doctor etc.)

-Contain 95% OPC

-Deliver oxygen to eyes

-Remove dark circles and eye bags

Additional Information

Package Content60 piece
How to use2 softgels daily (to be taken with empty stomach)

Effects of Herbs Vision Pro
1 week:
-Increase tears
-Relieve eye tiredness
-Reduce bloodshot

1 month:
-Sharpen vision
-Improve concentration
-Reduce dark circles and eye bags

-Strengthen vision
-Improve sensitivity of color
-Provide watery eyes

Prolonged consumption:
-Clear mind
-Sensitive to images
-Retain high sensitivity of light

IngredientsBilberry Extract, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Lycopene, DHA, EPA , Eyebright Extract, Grapeseed Extract
Country of ManufactureAustralia